2 spots, Ideal for couples and Friends

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Location: 132 Park East Drive, Winnipeg.

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This session is designed to enhance your throwing skills through a private class with Potterybytolu, tailored specifically for beginners and intermediate learners. During our time together, I will provide step-by-step guidance on essential techniques such as centering, opening up, and pulling up. All pieces created in this class will undergo bisque firing and be ready for pickup. You have the option to glaze them yourself or join me for a subsequent session focused on glazing your creations.

Let me know which area you’d like to enhance your skills if you have a previous throwing experience. e.g (Centering, Pulling up) or you may want to know how to make shapes like Mugs, Bowls, Vases.
Note: you can schedule as many classes per week as you wish

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